Oratucular 2017 Workshop Schedule

Here is the schedule for the workshops leading to the final event on June 10, 2017

4/20: First meeting - Introduce tournament, and explain topics
4/27: Split into groups by grade level. Discuss topics and write outlines.
5/4: Revise outlines and create rough drafts on Google Docs.
5/11:Bring rough draft to class and read out loud. Time the speeches and give critiques. Apply critiques to the second draft. 
5/18: Discuss basics of giving a speech (eye contact, body language, and articulation). Give the second draft and begin final draft. 
5/25: Start judging kids based on the tournament rubrics. Make the children memorize their speeches if possible.
6/1: Final run through of the speeches and divide the children into two groups. No scripts, short critiques only. Majority of the time should be spent delivering the speech in succession just like the actual tournament.

Space is limited to participate in these workshops so please register as soon as possible!